Why do we need to hire a wedding planner, wedding designer, wedding coordinator or wedding producer?

Your certified wedding professional is highly educated, has the skill set to mitigate risks, carries the credentials and expertise to produce a quality event and is there to protect your investment. That’s just the backend stuff.

Your producer will ensure a seamless timeline and production schedule so that your wedding flows on time, the pieces are in place and any challenges that arise along the way are professionally managed behind the scenes while its all business and bliss up front and center!

If our venue has a coordinator, do we still need to hire wedding support?

The role of a venue coordinator often confuses couples and its no fault of either side!

Both are integral for a well-produced event and become a dream team on your wedding day!

A venue coordinator will work to coordinate the interests of the venue, whereas a hired wedding coordinator will work with the venue to coordinate the interests of the couple in all facets. From vendor coordination, timelines, planning, design, guests relations, mitigating risks, transportation, assisting the wedding party and onsite professionals to install and dismantle- your wedding coordinator will be one radio dial away from getting the job done!

Can I afford a Wedding Producer if I have a smaller budget?


Typically our couples make their investment back quite quickly. Between vendor discounts, industry resources and the skills to streamline- we have successfully recouped the investment back and them some- more often than not! This will completely depend on the scope of your wedding and curation required.

Do you plan LGBTQ weddings?

All love is welcome through these doors!

We have collaborated with many local and international industry professionals to produce inclusive weddings + events. Our focus will always remain the same- telling your unique story in a way that’s meaningful to you!

How do you host meetings when we do not live in the same city?

If 2020 has taught us anything- its that Zoom is our backbone for good communication!

Aside from getting to see your beautiful faces light up as you tell the love story that brought you here- we are able to get to know each other much better and much faster than ever before! Heck, some people just don’t prefer to spend their time driving to yet another meeting- no big deal! We have a link for that!

How do we know if you’re the right Wedding Planner/Producer for us?

Before any couple locks us down, we meet to discuss your wedding vision.

During this complimentary initial meeting, you will be able to ask anything and everything about our planning process and business culture.

Because we only take on a limited number of weddings dispersed throughout the year, this gives us the opportunity to ensure our company values and skill set are the right fit for you as well! After this meeting we will be able to send you a quote for your wedding production and you can take the time you need to decide if we are the right firm to invest with!

There is never any pressure and if either of us believes that there is a better fit for you, we will happily connect you with another planner that will become your most cherished ally! Community over competition makes the world go ‘round!


Venue: Lions Garden, Tofiled, Alberta | Photos: Kyra Jasman Photography  

Floral: Cerise Floral Studio | Cake: Wild Rose Cakes  | Catering: Bridges Catering 

Rentals: Special Event Rentals + Sugar Plum Events