2020 was an exceptional year for so many reasons. My (paper) schedule book cover literally said “Best Year Ever” and although I could see the cruel reality for so many, I found myself on a daily basis feeling grateful that I had this reminder and was accountable. Failure was not going to be an option for me so instead, this was a year of exponential growth.


Growth of my innovative muscles, vendor relationships, a more connected appreciation and understanding of the real people behind the gorgeous weddings, growth of my global community and personal growth in understanding how I am indeed unique in our industry.


This year I met the most incredible vendors that feel like home to me. They became my friends, my family, my confidant, my past, present and future. Together we have achieved remarkable things out of love and respect for our affinity to succeed. We knew that this year, we needed each other to do this. Although throughout every year we high 5 our colleagues, this was the year we truly understood that the culture of our businesses and our relationships became our immunity. We made it to the other side, together. There was no other equation.


After literally hundreds of hours on calls and zoom throughout the pandemic (often until 3 or 4am- no word of a lie) with vendors on home turf and across North America, I have come to learn two very important things; finding solutions IS my superpower & connecting the industry lights my fire.


I want you to know that I am here for you; as a colleague, a friend, a cheerleader, connector and if need be- someone to help you find some soap and a facecloth and get back on track!


If you want to talk it out - fire me off an email or message and let’s make some magic!

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