Newly Engaged

Congratulations!! You did it! You two crazy kids are about to make this official and you couldn't be more blissfully excited; until the questions start firing at you.






am i a bridesmaid?

tell me my ex isn't in the wedding party too!?

what about the honeymoon?

Its a lot.

We're here to help you find ease in the planning process and focus on the next steps. We want you to avoid the learning curve at all costs and to genuinely enjoy this sweet chapter of your story. We'll help point you in the right direction, offer vendor referrals, talk venues, discuss family dynamics and gush over trends. Whatever you need from this call, we're doubling down. The clarity will be worth its weight in gold and save you countless hours googling. 

Bliss to Biz kick off call

Special Pricing

$249 CAD

90 minutes of "Ask Anything" to get you started on the right track to planning 

What's included in your call?

  • 90 min of "Ask Anything!"

  • follow up references and resources within 48 hrs 

  • any additional calls will be reduced to $125/hr (from $200/hr)



Venue: Trestles Edge, St. Albert, Alberta |

Photo: Hayley Marie Photography