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  • Best Wedding Planner in Edmonton

    Thats what you're googling, right? Let me help you out a little. Who is best, is relative to your goals. Is that price point? Wedding design skillset? A wedding planner with the most designations? Professionals with the most press? Determine what is important for you, and research from this starting point. Everyone is better at something that others and likely an expert in a way that the others will not compare. Don't assume that just because the SEO is ranking an Edmonton Wedding Planner higher than others, that this equates to the experience you are looking for, or that the most Instagram follows is social proof that the wedding planner is well respected by their peer and clients. Meeting in person with the prospective wedding planner is the ONLY way you will truly know if they are the best for you and if your energy is matching for a wildly successful wedding! Above accolades an award winning wedding planner is nothing without the relationships that got them there; including the one they will have with you! Choose your team wisely, you will be spending alot of time together! Would you be excited to see their name pop up on your phone or in your inbox? If not, there is a much better fit for you. Have you checked their social proof? Not just for the beautiful images they curated from an extremely talented wedding photographer, but the comments that follow. What you are reading is this wedding planners relationship with their peer and clients. How does this make you feel? If its warm and fuzzy, you just found Edmonton's Best Wedding Planner!

  • Benefits of a Wedding Planner

    If you are newly engaged, chances are you have searched this title by now. Perhaps that's even what brings you here today (welcome friend!!) As a 15 year established, Internationally Certified Wedding Planner and Designer, believe me when I say that explaining the benefits of a highly educated wedding professional is something I could TED Talk all day. But alas, this blog won't keep that kind of attention for long; so here are the Top 5 benefits of investing in a wedding planner! We protect your investment Creating, managing, balancing and closing your budget is the most important wedding planning pillar. Without diligent, responsible, saavy budgets, your wedding could fall flat and in the red. A feeling nobody will want! This isn't our first dance with contracts, negotiations and budgets and we know almost all of the incidentals along the way to keep the financial surprises at bay and the path to surprising moments wide open! We design an experience, not a colour palette How you choose to invest in your wedding design will make or break the experience of your guests. Its the difference between hosting your near and dear friends and family at a table fit for a grad party with your top two colour choices or welcoming them into the colour family that evokes excitement, awe, respite or transports them to a pause in time where the world around them ceased to exist. In this space, we fuse generations and affect a change that was influenced by the environment around them. We know the right pros for your ideal wedding day! We have relationships that extend across the globe and we have access to the best professionals in the business that align best with your vision, personality and goals. This is not a quick n' easy list of our friends that we work with on every event, they are highly educated and seasoned professionals that we know will deliver the experience we are known for!

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  • About Edmonton's Best Wedding Planner | Sugar Plum Couture Events | Edmonton

    ABOUT A DREAM CREATED Just For You As a little girl, my dad would come home with boxes of last month’s wedding magazines from corner stores. I'd spend hours in my room building stories around the couples in the images. Imagining what their lives were like and all the details of their wedding right down to the sound of laughter, their first dance song, the texture of their gowns, and the smell of their environment - truly what it felt like to be at their wedding. ​ Fast forward to today, I get to live my childhood dreams by creating a reality of endless possibilities, just for you. Rather than the same copy-paste designs you see all over Instagram, I develop one-of-a-kind concepts - each like a movie. Where you are the main characters, and my job is to create an immersive scene, build the intricate narrative, and produce an epic experience that tells your unique story.​​​​​​​ DISCOVER HOW We had an initial consultation where I was able to freely share my vision with her; she took that vision and turned it into a real life fairytale! – Nina I ORCHESTRATE THE FEELING THE EXPERIENCE YOU DESERVE As a full-time, and fully there for you professional who understands the experience you're going through, I intentionally take on a limited number of events, in order to give you the time and attention you deserve. Because I know that in order for you to enjoy the experience, you have to feel relaxed and supported along the way. After decades of experience adapting to various personalities and stressful scenarios, I intuitively know how to anticipate everyone's needs. From keeping your future in-laws happy to selecting your world-class vendor team, I manage everything seamlessly to ensure you and your loved ones receive the memorable experience you deserve. My ultimate goal is to give every one of your guests that “I was there when” feeling they’ll be excited to live and relive long beyond your celebration. EXPLORE THE EXPERIENCE “Nicole is a master wedding planner and will elevate your wedding experience to a whole other level.” She will take care of every detail that you didn't even know you needed addressed and take all the pressure off so you can fully enjoy your wedding planning experience from beginning to end. – Lily I CONNECT YOU WITH THE BEST VALUE & QUALITY - ALWAYS Having someone to take the weight off your shoulders and manage the complex logistics that come along with planning is invaluable - especially someone who knows the right people to produce and collaborate with on the overall vision.​​​​​​ I've spent over a decade building trusted connections with the top vendors in the industry. And for you, I won't settle for anything less than the best. EXPLORE THE EXPERIENCE AWARDS NICOLE KONKIN (she/her) PRINCIPAL PRODUCER + DESIGNER WPICC, CWD, DWC What Matters Most FAMILY My little girl is the light of my life - and so are my family and close friends. I'd do anything for them. My clients are my family, and they are relentlessly loved the same. GROWTH I continuously strive to learn, grow, and connect with the top industry organizations and professionals so that you receive the best possible experience. You’ll find me traveling the world continuing my education and flexing my design skills. QUALITY I provide quality in every aspect of the service and experience I provide. I am forward-thinking, constantly developing original concepts and working to raise the bar of immersive creativity in the wedding industry. LEGACY I want to leave behind the greatest legacy for my daughter, my family, and my clients. For every person I connect with to remember me in one of their most cherished core memories. GET IN TOUCH 100 COUPLES SERVED 100 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 100 HOURS OF DEVELOPMENT 100 DESTINATIONS TRAVELED 100 UNIQUE IDEAS 100 UNFORGETTABLE CELEBRATIONS PRODUCED I INTERPRET YOUR VISION SOPHISTICATED & SHOW STOPPING MOMENTS It's hard to articulate exactly what you want when you don't know the possibilities. Thankfully, you don't have to. Instead of overwhelming you with endless options to choose from, I take time in the beginning to understand your vision, and then create one exceptional concept that reflects exactly what you hoped for, only better. ​ And as someone who values being original and staying true to yourself, I ensure your design does the same. EXPLORE THE EXPERIENCE

  • Contact | Sugar Plum Couture Events | Edmonton

    CONTACT "The greatest decision we could have ever made." Our day could not have been more relaxing, romantic and perfect because of the support that we received from Nicole. Everything from fully planning and setting up the design, truly listening to our vision, helping bustle my very uncooperative dress, making sure that rehearsal and day of went without a bump (at least that I know of!), and literally every little moment in between, she was there 110%. We trusted her completely, and it was the greatest decision we could have ever made. – Brittany EDMONTON BASED | DESIGNER ACROSS AMERICA | WORLDWIDE PRODUCTION INQUIRE YOU'VE FOUND YOUR PERSON AND YOUR PLANNER I can't wait to connect, learn more about your unique love story, and discuss how I can create a celebration as profound as the love you've found together. Complete the form below and expect a response within 24 hours. 780-756-0719 First name Last name Email Phone Wedding Date Anything else you're excited to share? LET THE CELEBRATION BEGIN Thanks for getting in touch! Please expect a response within 24 hours.

  • 404 | Sugar Plum Events

    404: Page Not Found "I can’t make you something you’re not.” - Rachel Chu, Crazy Rich Asians - the same goes for this page. My apologies, you've come across an invalid page. Please use the above navigation to get back to more magical moments.

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