The Lemon Tree


Sustainability and Social Responsibility have been a pillar of Sugar Plum Events since inception, with roots all the way back to when Nicole was a 15 year old Leadership Scholarship Award Recipient. This was (is) a Rotary International Project that focuses on building good will, truth and understanding across the globe. It's a development program that helps young leaders- become GREAT leaders and teaches them to use their skillset to improve the world around them...  AND IT'S WHERE THE LEMON TREE SEED WAS PLANTED.

Past  _____________________________________________________________________________     

To say that this scholarship shaped the person I am today is a gross understatement. THIS is where it began.​

Our daily teachings in everything we think, say and do were:

“Is it the truth?”

“Is it fair to all concerned?”

“Will it build goodwill and better friendships?”

“Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”


I knew leaving this program, that the program would never leave me. It was no surprise that then I graduated and left home for Business School, that I was drawn to International community projects. These projects took me all over the world and gifted me an appreciation for culture, history and social issues.


When I officially launched my own planning firm, I didn’t know lot about a lot, but I knew one thing was for sure: My core values would never be compromised.


Today, we operate on an 80% social responsibility and sustainability mandate.

This means that 80% of our event planning and implementation resources/materials are locally sourced, environmentally friendly, sourced responsibly, reused, up-cycled or donated. 


When working across the globe for destination events, we work with the community to provide skill building and give back through community projects and initiatives. Often our team will remain onsite in the destination country for upwards of 4 weeks while we work with the community. 


What does any of this have to do with The Lemon Tree?

Meet Lemon.

Lemon is our daughter. She’s 2 and she is the most aware and intuitive child we’ve ever met. She is so hyper sensitive to the impact she makes in people’s lives and is always leaving people better than she found them. We have chosen to name this community initiative after her- our greatest legacy.

Venue: Hey You Studio, Edmonton, Alberta | Photo: Amanda Marie Photography

The Lemon Tree will continue what we started                                         

What you can expect to see from this initiative:

  1.  Repurpose your floral elements to improve the quality of life for others in your community

  2. Donate set designs and furniture to community centres, schools, churches and any others that may not be in a position to add a beautiful piece to their wedding or event.

  3. Offer skill building opportunities in the communities we work; both locally and internationally

  4. Sourcing locally; responsibly + sustainably, in a way that will significantly improve the quality of life for other business owners and their community

  5. Maintain our 80% social responsibility + sustainability mandate, relentlessly


Venue: Lions Garden, Tofield, Alberta | Photos: Kyra Jasman Photography | Floral: Cerise Floral Studio | Signage: Sugar Plum Events