i'm here to help you navigate this storm  



Wedding sos

Okay Lovers, let's sort this out. 

The pandemic has been tough. Hella tough. I'm 1000% certain that the stress, anxiety and unknowns are making for an engagement nightmare.


One of the largest reasons I am in the Wedding Industry is because I KNOW the impact that this day has on your life, for the rest of your life. And it's not just your life- there are so many others involved that your wedding day has a profound impact on.


No matter what the role I play, I believe peace begins at home. I also appreciate that keeping the peace is almost impossible when living under such extreme conditions, anxiety and struggle. 

I want you to know- I AM HERE FOR YOU!

If you are at your wit's end, this Wedding SOS Package is your solution! I've been working fulltime through this pandemic and I have had to implement contingency plan after contingency plan at the drop of a dime. There IS a way through this storm-let me help guide you through.



The Deets

  • 2.5 Hour Wedding SOS Session

  • We'll sort through where you're at + what your hopes and dreams were

  • We'll cover current restrictions, past solutions and future outlooks

  • We'll review the vendors that have been leading the charge on safe gathering

  • We'll customise your new plan in a meaningful way that you are excited for and looking forward to again

  • We'll review and adjust your budget

  • We'll revisit your guest list and communication plan

  • I will customise a checklist for your action items so that you can confidently and calmly move forward with the planning process, feeling empowered

SOS Box  

To help make this the best experience possible, you will receive an SOS Box on the day of your session.

Inside you'll find comfort food + bevs for 2 so take a deep breath and let's make this a date! 

Reclaim yourJoy

In order to not compromise the integrity and quality of care for my current and incoming couples, I can only take on a limited amount of Wedding SOS Couples per month. To secure your spot and find the path to enjoying your engagement again- reach out to check availability or jump on the wait list for the next release via:


text       (780) 995-0412

call        (780) 756-0719